Photo of the day #1

Fira, Santorini, September 2013
Better than to see the sunset playing with the colors of the sky and almost kissing the quiet, but powerful, caldera is to see its reflections on the white-washed walls of the houses and caves of Santorini. Fira is the capital of Santorini and one of the most crowded places of this beautiful island. It was the first city we visited in our ten days greek vacations.

Cascais Lumina 2013

When I came back from Greece, this last summer, Cascais was full of light and colour! And full of life, as well! Lumina made its second edition in the famous Cascais Bay (or as we call it “Baía de Cascais”) and in the historical center of the town, attracting hundreds of people who walked around to see cars full with flowers, several luminous sculptures, great multimedia projections, some shows of music and light, video mapping and 3D effects. 

The best part was that this big show was entirely for free and we even had discount for the train to get there (you can’t actually park near the event because some roads were closed and the others were full of traffic). For the roundtrip ticket in Cascais train line we only paid 1€! Great, isn’t it? Specially when we are use to pay 1,25€ one way (the lowest price you can find in Cascais Train Line).

Caveland, Santorini – Hostel Review

Caveland Hostel – Kartherados
After working two months in Nea Moudania, we (me and my beloved partner back then) decided to go to Santorini for 6 days. And it was one of the most wonderful trips I have ever done in my short travel life. It all started with the most amazing hostel in Santorini – Caveland, in Kartherados. And I must say that this was the first hostel I have ever been.
At first, we wanted to be in a double room to have a little more privacy, but when we booked we didn’t have the double room available for the first three nights, so we decided to book the 6-dorm because it was the only one available all days, of the ones that were possible for our budget. So… Continue reading

5 tips for saving money before travelling

Source: Deviantart

When I read travel blogs I always wonder how do they have money to travel so much. Then, in Santorini, I met a guy and two very nice girls with whom I shared the room and, even though they came from different countries, they had one thing in common: they were travelling around the world with their parents money. Then, I read a lot of travel blogs trying to find out how do they have so much money to travel, not depending on their parents, but I didn’t find clear answers. I’m aware that, at a certain point, they have sponsorships, but what about those who don’t even have blogs?

Well, in my short life of travelling I’ve always paid my travels with my own money and money, you know, doesn’t fall from the sky. I started to work here and there, serving breakfasts, dinners, working at weddings and birthday parties receiving about 5€ per hour of work and that is my income.
Work is important to earn money but saving can also be the key. And for the girls, that can be a real challenge, so I will let you know how I save my money and five of the rules I set up for myself!
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The worst thing about travelling is that, sometimes,
You leave pieces of you
In some special places with special people…
Not places where you have been.
Not people you have met.

Places where you have lived.
People you have loved…
And those pieces of you
You know you can’t have them back.

And that, my friend,
Is the most beautiful way to break your heart.

Hang in Azores

When words fail, music speaks.
Kabeção is one of the portuguese artists that inspire me the most with his music. If you close your eyes while listening to the melody of his handpan, you will forget about the world and will find inner peace. But now open your eyes and see where he is playing… Pico Volcano, in Azores Islands. One of the places I’m dying to go. To be above the clouds watching the sunset… Who could say it would be possible?
Just fall in love…