Sometimes we have to be alone. To be left apart of everybody’s plans, to miss every weekend hangouts, to simply disappear without anybody noticing. To be a ghost among others and to deal with rejection. It doesn’t need to be bad, but sure it must be challenging. The human being wasn’t made to be lonely.

It’s easy to stand in the middle of the crowd, when everybody is standing. Or even to be the one who pushes people to get up. But to be alone and get away from the crowd… Well, that takes courage and a bit of stupidity. Some people call it giving up, I call it time off. Some might think I’m depressed, but truth is, I’m learning and growing up.

The most beautiful metaphor I can think of to try to explain what I am saying is the butterfly. One of the greatest lessons life gave me is that we are always able to change. Continue reading


When the sun dies

I lost two very important women in my life, recently, and I must admit I couldn’t handle it that well. I know that we all have different ways to deal with death but in this past four months it was overwhelming how often I started to go to funerals. Four months, four funerals. And I was about to go to a fifth one if I didn’t know about it too late. It’s funny how life twists and turns. One moment you are peaceful and serene, knowing that death is part of the circle of life and all that hakuna matata way of thinking, and the next moment you are crying endlessly while in the bath because you feel that no one can understand the way you have got to know pain. Four months, four funerals. What the hell world?! Have you gone nuts?

I still can’t completely talk about this two very important women in my life without having tears in my eyes. In just one month, before my birthday, I have lost both of them. The most strong, stubborn and super women I have ever met. I could take years to describe them and all I have learned with them, but that is in my heart. I don’t need nobody to understand that.

I have this theory, maybe highly influenced by my favourite movie of all times, that when someone dies on Earth, it will be born in the sky. They become stars. Continue reading