finding peace.

I heard you speak and I remembered the joyful melody of the piano and the way it has touched my heart from the start. Since then, all my life was a complete adventure of feelings, surprises and changes. I have learned so much that I can’t imagine how my life would be if I haven’t done some of the so called bad choices. I used to regret some of them, but now I don’t regret them at all.

There was a time that my life was completely upside down. It was the very first time that I completely got out of my comfort zone and took chance into something completely out of everything I knew until then. It was beautiful because it showed me worlds that I didn’t even know that existed.

I’ve got to know my dark side. I am now completely aware of my worst side and it’s weird because I feel a kind of relief. Even the worst of me is not a bad person, it doesn’t get mad enough to forget my principles and values. It’s just the angriest, the meanest, the craziest and the most obsessed side of me. But it doesn’t gets much worse than that.

Then I’ve met the sweetest side of life and travelled so much! I think I have never stopped learning. And I learned what feels like to be in peace with the world. Even now that I am alone, I am in peace: with me, with my present and with my past. With those who are in my life and with those who decided to leave me.

And now the sun shines and spring is coming. I am happy again.


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