Sometimes we have to be alone. To be left apart of everybody’s plans, to miss every weekend hangouts, to simply disappear without anybody noticing. To be a ghost among others and to deal with rejection. It doesn’t need to be bad, but sure it must be challenging. The human being wasn’t made to be lonely.

It’s easy to stand in the middle of the crowd, when everybody is standing. Or even to be the one who pushes people to get up. But to be alone and get away from the crowd… Well, that takes courage and a bit of stupidity. Some people call it giving up, I call it time off. Some might think I’m depressed, but truth is, I’m learning and growing up.

The most beautiful metaphor I can think of to try to explain what I am saying is the butterfly. One of the greatest lessons life gave me is that we are always able to change. Some parts of us will remain the same, our heart and soul, but others can turn into everything we want. Though, it’s not like the genie in the bottle. You are not given three wishes. You have to deeply want to change and grow, even if you have no clue about how are you going to do that.

Metamorphosis. It means a silent, discrete but deep change within one’s body, heart and soul.

Nobody notices it, but you do. The world remains the same, but suddenly you see things differently. You now accept that things don’t always happen as you wish, but sure they always give you either something better or a lesson. You get this fire in your heart that you can never explain and you wish other people – your family and friends – would do the same for themselves. Usually they never do it because they are too busy with their lifes to take that time off. Or they just can’t stand with the idea of being lonely, even temporarily.

Don’t expect to be understood. Trully, madly, deeply beautiful things can’t be understood. Well, not by everybody, just by those special people that believe in your eyes. But there’s nothing wrong with not being understood, as long as you understand yourself. There’s nothing worse than getting lost in the confusion of not knowing who you really are and letting others define that. Never give that power to others. Instead, get away. Even if they say you are giving up, you know you are not. Actually, you are doing the opposite.

The only ones giving up are those who remain the same. Those who stopped in time and refused to grow up, afraid of growing old.

Sometimes you need to travel to get your head clear, to see things in other perspective, to realize that some things have to change. Sometimes travelling is the change going on. But sometimes, just sometimes, you need to travel inside yourself, at home, surrounded by your family, your friends, your mates, your daily routine. That is the biggest challenge.



2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis.

  1. It’s beautifully put. I am currently struggling through a similar phase of change and growth. It is hard and gruelling but every day there is a glimmer of achievement and on going hope of tomorrow being less hazy than today. πŸ™‚

    • Aww thank you sweetie πŸ™‚ I think the important thing is to feel the change within us. After all, “I’m starting with the “man” in the mirror” πŸ™‚

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