Caveland, Santorini – Hostel Review

Caveland Hostel – Kartherados
After working two months in Nea Moudania, we (me and my beloved partner back then) decided to go to Santorini for 6 days. And it was one of the most wonderful trips I have ever done in my short travel life. It all started with the most amazing hostel in Santorini – Caveland, in Kartherados. And I must say that this was the first hostel I have ever been.
At first, we wanted to be in a double room to have a little more privacy, but when we booked we didn’t have the double room available for the first three nights, so we decided to book the 6-dorm because it was the only one available all days, of the ones that were possible for our budget. So…
6 nights, 6-dorm room – 204,00€ + 10€/person for the towels (in the end of your stay they will give you back the money if everything is okay)
It reminds me of Mamma Mía movie! 🙂
This is the perfect hostel for relaxing and getting inspired because it’s located in Kartherados, not in the noisy Fira or the expensive Oia. Ok, you don’t have the sunset in this hostel but you have almost all buses of the island stopping in this village at cheap prices (tickets are between 1.60€ and 2.30€) and good schedules.
As the name says, the rooms of Caveland are really caves! It’s super cool, after you get used to having small windows or no windows at all. The caves are simple but at the same time well decorated and equiped. Oh!, and really funny warnings/requests all over the hostel!
The breakfast was included in the price and was enough to calm down our stomachs until 2 pm. Also you have Wi-Fi all over the hostel, even in the pool (yup they have a pool too!) which was amazing for us because we had to a report that needed some research and we didn’t want to be stuck in a room to do it.
Found it in the bathroom haha!
Half of my supercool cave!
The pool where I spent most of my mornings doing a report!!
Nabil, the receptionist and amazing guy of Caveland, was always very friendly and interested in us. It’s that kind of person that makes friends at work and tries to speak your language and learn your culture. He’s a very nice guy and even invited us to go to the beach with him!
But, above all, what I loved the most about Caveland were the dogs. As a dog lover, I spent A LOT of time playing with the dogs and cuddling them. They are 4 amazing creatures that run around the hostel, when they are not sleeping. I even saw one of them jumping into the pool! (I wish I had my camera there…) If you are afraid of dogs, you will lose your fears with them. They are so sweet and peaceful that I think they are the perfect bonus of Caveland!
Me in paradise haha!
Catch the ball, Clara!
“What?! Did you never put your paws in water?!”
Let’s go, Nabil!
What about you?
What was the first hostel you’ve stayed in? Was it a good experience? 🙂

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