Cascais Lumina 2013

When I came back from Greece, this last summer, Cascais was full of light and colour! And full of life, as well! Lumina made its second edition in the famous Cascais Bay (or as we call it “Baía de Cascais”) and in the historical center of the town, attracting hundreds of people who walked around to see cars full with flowers, several luminous sculptures, great multimedia projections, some shows of music and light, video mapping and 3D effects. 

The best part was that this big show was entirely for free and we even had discount for the train to get there (you can’t actually park near the event because some roads were closed and the others were full of traffic). For the roundtrip ticket in Cascais train line we only paid 1€! Great, isn’t it? Specially when we are use to pay 1,25€ one way (the lowest price you can find in Cascais Train Line).
If you are on a low budget, this kind of events that sometimes happen in Cascais are a great way for you to have fun by paying little or nothing at all! If you get hungry and only have 2€, you can go to McDonalds right in front of train station and eat a burguer with chips (and try to fool your stomach). If you have a little bit more money you have to try the best ice-cream of Lisbon – Santini! But I will talk about it in some other post.
Personally, one of the things that takes my breath away and inspires me the most is to see the lights of a town or a city and how bright they shine. It gives me peace and quiet while I’m in the middle of confusion and noise (even if it’s only from my head!). Cascais Bay is one of the most beautiful places to see the lights along the coastline, but anywhere in the coastline is also perfect to see the lights of the bay.
I think Cascais is becoming better and better. We have a lot of things to do, activities for everyone, a lot to visit, a lot of small events that are not so well known and, in my opinion, a shame to miss, a lot of restaurants and bars. Well you have a lot of ways to spend your money and, at the same time, you can spend almost nothing because it’s easy to go to almost (I repeat, almost!) all places by foot.
Cascais has a lot of secrets you can enjoy for free!

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