5 tips for saving money before travelling

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When I read travel blogs I always wonder how do they have money to travel so much. Then, in Santorini, I met a guy and two very nice girls with whom I shared the room and, even though they came from different countries, they had one thing in common: they were travelling around the world with their parents money. Then, I read a lot of travel blogs trying to find out how do they have so much money to travel, not depending on their parents, but I didn’t find clear answers. I’m aware that, at a certain point, they have sponsorships, but what about those who don’t even have blogs?

Well, in my short life of travelling I’ve always paid my travels with my own money and money, you know, doesn’t fall from the sky. I started to work here and there, serving breakfasts, dinners, working at weddings and birthday parties receiving about 5€ per hour of work and that is my income.
Work is important to earn money but saving can also be the key. And for the girls, that can be a real challenge, so I will let you know how I save my money and five of the rules I set up for myself!

1. Don’t buy clothes/stuff that you don’t really need
Yes, I like to have nice pants, some cool t-shirts, a nice phone, awesome gadgets but why should I buy clothes/stuff that I don’t really need (and that I won’t gonna wear or use more than three times per year, probably)? Also, I hate giving money for things with little or no quality. For me, it’s one of the worst feelings thinking that I’ve wasted money on a shirt that went to garbage after the third time of use or on a super expensive phone that has started giving me problems in week 2.
So, even though I don’t actually like to shop (yes, I’m probably the only girl in the world who says that!), when I have to, I spend a lot of time trying all clothes that seem nice to me or searching for reviews about the gadgets until I find the ones worth the price.If you like to have new things (nobody can blame you!) and you want to save money, you can make a deal with yourself: to sell old clothes/stuff and use that money to buy new things. And don’t worry, that perfect dress will wait for you if it’s meant to be – that’s what I always think!

You can also give new life to your old clothes is to make a DIY of it! There are a lot of tutorials that can help you to make an extreme makeover on your old t-shirt or shorts!

My boots and companions of adventure, 30€ at a gypsy truck


2. Bring food from home

Most of my classes finish at lunch time, so I’m able to go home and save money by not spending it in school. I also have to eat in the middle of the morning due to my low blood pressure, so I usually bring some snacks from home, instead of buying them in college. A piece of fruit, a sandwich or some cookies are enough to to keep my blood pressure levels ok and to calm down my stomach before it starts to make noise in the silence of the classroom. (It happened once…)

Also, it’s really important to have a good breakfast. It was one of the things I have learned during the trip to Santorini and Athens. A complete breakfast is a great way to feel satisfied for a long time. Your stomach and your wallet will thank you!


3. Don’t give money to the homeless, only to the street artists

This might sound a bit heartless but the truth is that half of the “homeless” are actually fake and only beg money for drinking or drugs, even though they say they are desperately hungry.

Instead, if I have food I give them food and if I don’t have food, I ask them to come with me and to chose something they want to eat. And you know what? Most of them refuse my offer. Until now, only one person that begged me for money was, in fact, hungry and homeless. I offered him two sandwiches and an orange juice box and he almost cried (it broke my heart…).

Sometimes, a good action is not giving what people ask us. If you give a little bit of your time and attention just by going with that person to buy some food, you will give more than they expect and believe me, it is a thousand times better than just toss some coins without even looking at his/her eyes.

This guy was an awesome musician that I found in Athens!


4. Plan the trip wisely

Most of the times, planning is the best way to save! Do a lot of research, take notes, read TripAdvisor reviews, search for free things to do, search flights in different airlines, in different days and for different dates, etc.

I also make a lot of notes about the prices of food, transports and accomodation before going anywhere and I always write down in what and where I spend my money. I try to set a budget for the trip. For example, in Santorini, our budget was 50€ per day (25€ per person) and that was because we decided to not save that much as we could.


5. Enjoy free things

There are a lot of free things that you can do. Instead of meeting your friends at a cafe or at some ridiculous expensive bar, why don’t you just simply take a walk with them at the beach or around the city? Instead of paying about 10€ for popcorn and drinks at the cinema, why don’t you invite them to go to your house and eat homemade popcorns? It’s way funnier and more comfortable.

What about learning something while you catch up the news? You can go to a museum, in the day in which they have free entrance. Or participate in a free workshop about creative writing. Jogging together can also be a nice plan. You don’t need to sit down and to make an order in which you will spend at least 0,70€ to meet your friends/family and talk about what’s been happening lately.

Sometimes the simple things are the ones that give us the best feelings, so why not enjoy them?


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