2nd November 2013, Carcavelos

I have missed watching the sunset in this past two months. Since I started my classes, I haven’t spent much time enjoying simple moments like these because I got my head full of thoughts and worries, making me forget that I need to find myself again sometimes. Sunsets always gave me that and I grew up watching them. It was my company on my way back home. I never felt lonely when I was alone because my heart was always full with those breathtaking sensations that are always hard to describe. It was like falling in love over and over again for something that could not love me the same way.

Today, I watched the sunset on Carcavelos beach. And believe me, Santorini did not take my breath away like Carcavelos always does. It is hard to explain why. It simply gives me peace of mind. Serenity. Even though time doesn’t stop, I get stuck in those few minutes of magic. Everybody is moving, walking, talking, driving. Life is a mess and people stress. But when the sun is going away, some of those people forget the craziness of everyday life and enjoy a little bit of freedom of spirit.

This is the moment of the day I enjoy the most. It’s when the sky reveals its true colors. It makes me travel the world. My own world. And my one and only world.


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